About Us


Who we are

The times we live in demand that you find the most reliable on-site security solutions for your home and business property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take pride in working as a strategic partner to deliver a comprehensive security apparatus for all our clients.

Our corporate philosophy drives every aspect of our business, from employees we select to customers we serve to the communities we support.

Telecom Security Services a division of Telecom Systems (Trinidad) Limited is one of the nation’s largest and longest serving security firms. The Company is considered to be among the leading security organizations in Trinidad and Tobago, a name that has become synonymous with safety, security and peace of mind for over (25) years.

Telecom Systems (Trinidad) Limited was founded by Derek A. Chin in 1982 and pioneered security sales and services in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail continues to earn us the respect and loyalty of our clients.

Strategic Vision Statement
Our Vision is to be your First Choice for Security and Investigation services in partnership with all commercial, industrial, business clients and government

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver customized, professional security and investigative solutions in Trinidad and Tobago demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, and professionalism by building on our values of courage, wisdom, honesty and respect.

Corporate Values
Our corporate values include:

The Value of Cooperation: Our commercial and industrial clients require their security programs to be dynamic and responsive while meeting corporate social responsibility mandates. Our strategic positioning and goals necessitate our need for full cooperation and understanding to their needs. Equally, across Trinidad and Tobago, we seek out and work in parallel and partnership as a cooperative commitment to bring business and commercial capacity building to their communities.

The Value of Integrity: Our employees are background checked and selected for their aptitude to carry out their duties with honesty, integrity and good judgment. We commit to professional industry standards offering training and leadership that exceeds industries norms. Partners can be confident that their assets, people and property are secure and all dealings are transparent, open and fair. As for our guards and investigators, the Advanced Security and Investigations Code of Conduct hold them accountable.

Passion & People

Telecom Security Services has recognized the need for high standards to be maintained at all times due to the sensitive nature of our business. To ensure this we have implemented the following:-

Quality Control Supervisors: This comprises a team of Personnel who are given the responsibilities of ensuring the standards and quality of service required is met.

The Quality Control Supervisor also liaises with the client to discuss any problems that may have occurred and to recommend corrective measures accordingly. Telecom Security Services also operates a 24-hour control room, which is staffed by Senior Officers equipped with radio and telephone communication with all our officers. This staff ensures that all our posts are manned daily and maintain contact with the officers through system calls and codes. If there are any irregularities, a mobile is dispatched with our armed tactical response unit.

Armed Tactical Response: Our armed tactical response unit operates on a twenty-four (24) hour basis. This unit comprises of a team of officers employed with the organization for between five (5)– fifteen (15) years of dedicated service with the rank of Corporal and above. These officers are highly trained in combat techniques, arms retention, self defense, response training, executive protection, investigations, civil disobedience/ riots etc.

These officers are heavily armed with sophisticated weapons with the assignment of fast response vehicles equipped with lights and sirens to provide a twenty-four (24) hour back up service to our officers and clients in the event of an emergency.

Our Administrative Staff includes:

  • Managing Director
  • Director/Manager Client Relations
  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager – Static Security Division
  • Operations Manager – Armored Division (Cash In-Transit Services)
  • Financial Controller
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Administrative Supervisor
  • Office Manager
  • Security Supervisor
  • Accounts and Stores Personnel
  • Security Officers (Armed and Unarmed)

Our Management Team are all qualified and trained professionals with over fifty years cumulative experience in the security industry

On Saturday 8th August, 2010, the South Trinidad Rifle Association (STRA) hosted its 10th Annual Security Shooting Competition at the Forres Park Range, located in Claxton Bay. Among those in attendance were ACP King and ACP Fredricks of the Police Southern Division.

All in all, the day was blessed with brilliant sunshine as various Security Companies throughout Trinidad came out in full force to take part in the shooting competition. The competition comprised of four (4) events which were divided into two (2) individual precision shoots and two (2) team stages, with all events combined to give an overall team score.

At the end of the day’s proceedings, Telecom Security Team 2 consisting of Cpl. Benedict Grant, Cpl. Tyron Paul, Lucretia Hamilton and Neil Joachim put on a respectable showing however, Telecom Security Team 1 which consisted of Director Ryan Chin, Sgt. Lennox Williams, Cpl. Gideon Alexander and Cpl. Lindon Brutus, walked away with the 1st place Challenge Trophy for one of the stages and placed Second Overall amongst the other eleven (11) Security companies entered in the competition.